About the Game

Ares Omega
Game Features

• Ares Omega is a top-down rogue-lite shooter .

• Procedurally generated levels means that no run will ever be the same.

• Learn 45 different skills in 3 different skill trees.

• Secret Areas to find and explore.

• Find and unlock over 50 different weapons.

• At the beginning of each run you can equip your character with new gear that is bought with credits acquired during previous runs.

• The game culminates in 4 epic boss battles against Enyo, Deimos, Phobos, and the final boss Ares Omega.


A military robotics factory on Mars is in chaos after the sentries that once protected the base have killed most of the soldiers and scientists at the facility. It is suspected that a full scale rebellion is in progress and you play a cybernetically enhanced soldier that is tasked with destroying the rebel robots.



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